Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dulles South

Attention graphic artists...

Dulles South is looking for a new look. According to their blog, Dulles South Online is hosting a local contest for the best depiction of the area in a clear, easy-to-read and representative logo for the Dulles South Region, to be leveraged or promoted among all businesses and government entities as a symbol of the area's incredible natural beauty, historical significance, religious diversity, business and economic value, focus on schools and education, Internet presence, and overall reflection of the educated, diverse and engaged family-centric local population.

If you're interested, you can find out all the details on their logo contest page, which has been extended to close of business on July 31.

The Loudoun Times, which by the way launched its new Internet site late last week, has a story on Dulles South and their new logo contest in today's paper.

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  1. Thanks for the promo...! We've added you to our blogroll on Gateway to Loudoun County...good blog, yours!