Friday, August 24, 2007

Workers' Average Commute Round-Trip Is 46 Minutes in a Typical Day

While not totally specific to Loudoun County road warriors, here's an interesting finding from a recent Gallup Poll.

Gallup finds that U.S. workers saying they spend an average of 45.6 minutes traveling to and from work each day. Higher income workers and those who work at least 40 hours per week tend to have longer commutes than others.

The vast majority of workers say their commute is not that stressful, but workers who spend more time commuting are much more likely than those who spend less time traveling to work to say their commute is stressful.

According to the Aug. 13-16, 2007 poll, the vast majority of adults employed full or part-time, 85%, say they generally drive themselves to work. Six percent of workers say they usually ride with someone else to work, 4% take mass transportation, and 3% walk.

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