Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where to Post a Complaint About Traffic

Loudoun County Traffic had a comment from a driver today named Jim M. -- posted as a reply to a July 17 post "What a Difference a Traffic Light Makes" -- about short cycling traffic signals and where to get help. Since many readers might not go back to July posts, we wanted to bring this up front and center since it might help many Loudoun County drivers.

The comment read:
"0925 until 0935 this morning, corner of Belmont Ridge Road and Route 7. Turn lane and middle lanes going south on Belmont Ridge had about 8 cars each waiting to turn. Both signals changed for all of FIVE SECONDS! Why must it take 7 minutes to go through an intersection? The timing allowed only 2 cars through the intersection at a time. Where should this complaint be directed??"

Well Jim M., according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, you can send non-emergency traffic information to their online "traffic complaint form" where you can submit info about traffic lights, speeding, stop signs or other traffic complaints. You even get to submit the location and a detailed description.

So thanks for reading Loudoun County Traffic and now you know where to lodge those traffic complaints.

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