Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lincoln Paving Projects Removed from Plan

According to today's Leesburg Today, "the numerous people who have spoken out against the paving of Sands Road and Taylor Road in western Loudoun were heard Monday night, as the Transportation and Land Use Committee voted to alter the Secondary Road Six-Year Plan and remove funding assigned to the two paving projects."

"The two projects will now be evaluated by county transportation staff and the Virginia Department of Transportation under the new rural rustic road program. The new program could reduce the estimated cost of the projects because it would allow rural roads to be paved as is, or placing the asphalt directly over the dimensions of the existing road.

"I am uncomfortable with the funding on Sands Road and Taylor Road. There is not community consensus and there is high controversy," Supervisor Lori Waters (R-Broad Run) said. "I would like to see the community have some meetings and discuss what they really want."

"I see projects that are much more significant than paving a country rural road that doesn't need to be paved," Supervisor Sally Kurtz (D-Catoctin) said.

"Staff members said $1.6 million of the money saved from removing the two projects will be diverted to The Woods Road realignment. The Woods Road must be moved to meet the future needs of the county's landfill.

"The Secondary Road Six-Year Plan also includes funding for traffic calming in the village of Lincoln, the addition of a right-hand turn lane from Algonkian Parkway onto Countryside Boulevard, the construction of a shared-use path from Virt's Corner to Governor's Drive on South King Street in Leesburg, funding for the completion of the design and beginning construction of Belmont Ridge Road from Rt. 7 to the Dulles Greenway to take it from two lanes to four lanes and plan for its ultimate expansion to six lanes, construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Evergreen Mills Road and Ryan Road and paving of the two remaining portions of Sycolin Road between Belmont Ridge Road and the Town of Leesburg."

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