Sunday, February 3, 2008

Waxpool Intersection

Here's an interesting post from another Loudoun County blog -- Living in LoCo, which is Erica Garman's blog devoted to all things interesting in Loudoun County that can be found in the Loudoun Extra of the Washington Post, as well as in today's Post.

This post, "Zigzags and Other Waxpool Road Tricks," was written last week and deals with the Waxpool Road intersection near Shellhorn Road in Ashburn.

Garman asks, "Have you driven on Waxpool Road near Shellhorn Road in Ashburn? If so, you're aware of the crazy zigzag where Faulkner Parkway will eventually intersect with Waxpool.

"When Waxpool was diverted at this point about two years ago, a white movable fence and orange barrels were set up to keep cars off the construction at Faulkner Parkway, and a stop sign went up for eastbound traffic on Waxpool. To this day, drivers rarely stop at the sign -- the only way to go, after all, is right, and there is no merging traffic from another road."

Loudoun County Traffic encourages you to read the complete blog post. It's an excellent look into a dangerous intersection.

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