Monday, February 23, 2009

Loudoun County Seeks Share of Stimulus Money for Various Projects

According to the Dulles Area Transportation Association, Loudoun County officials are combing through the federal government's stimulus package to see what if any public infrastructure projects in the county might be eligible for.

The DATA reports, "The wish list approved by supervisors last month totaled $744 million and included many road and school construction projects, such as $91.2 million to widen Route 659 between Route 7 and the Dulles Greenway, $83 million to build Tuscarora High School and $70.6 million to build Woodgrove High School. County staff members said they expect to have enough information by next month to brief supervisors on which projects are likely to receive federal stimulus funds."

"Loudoun's share of transportation aid will depend on whether the money goes through the state or is distributed directly to regional planning districts."

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  1. Many people bidding for some of these government funded construction projects will be left out in the cold if they do not have their OSHA training. Several states (NY, CT, MA, RI, NH, and MO) have laws requiring workers on publically-funded jobsites to take the OSHA 10 hour construction training class, like the ones available at . Without the OSHA card, they cannot get on the site. Many general contractors also have the same requirement for minimum OSHA training. So be prepared, do not wait until the last minute or you may be disqualified from getting onto the jobsite.