Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flash Flood Warning - Heavy Rains Cause Concerns for Traffic

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for Loudoun County. Currently there are several area roads that are experiencing high water. Traffic is currently being diverted on the following roadways:


Many secondary roadways are impassable and the Loudoun Sheriff?s reminds motorists that if you find yourself driving in potential flash flood conditions, never drive through standing water on a roadway. Water may be much deeper than you think causing your car to stall or even get stuck in hidden debris.

The area saw anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of heavy rain overnight. The National Weather Service is predicting an additional 1 to 2 inches of rain can be expected until 11:15 a.m. Tuesday.

The Sheriff's Office continues to closely monitor roadways that are susceptible to flooding as some areas may experience high water even after the rain tapers off.

To see real-time traffic information go to

Evergreen Mills Rd./Arcola Rd. (High Water) - Sterling
? Old Ox Road/Arcola Rd. (High Water)- Sterling
? Thomas Ave./Lakeland Dr. (High Water)- Sterling
? Second St./Janney St. (Tree Down) ? Waterford
? Edwards Ferry Rd./River Creek Parkway (High Water)- Leesburg
www.loudoun.gov/traffic or via your web browsing cell-phone at www.loudoun.gov/mobiletraffic.

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