Friday, May 1, 2009

VDOT to Hold Celebration for Nokes Blvd. Intersection Project

The Virginia Department of Transportation is celebrating the completion of the Nokes Boulevard intersection project on Monday, May 4, at 11 a.m. The ceremony will be outdoors at a location between Pacific Blvd. and Nokes Blvd., .25 miles west of Rt. 28. From I-66, take Rt. 28 north, left on Severn Way, then right on Pacific Blvd.

Loudoun County Chairman of the Board Scott York, Del. Robert Marshall, Loudoun County Supervisors, CTB members and VDOT representatives are expected in attendance.

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  1. Completion? Isn't this a bit premature? Sure, the at-grade traffic signal is closing this week, but there is a lot of work left to be done before the new interchange is complete. Maybe we should celebrate when it's actually done?

  2. the new light on the new road on Nokes Blvd coming from Pacific Blvd by Shirley Constrution Company making a turn to go North on to Route 28 that is a new light and they put five minute wait on red there is no traffic coming the other way why? when we pull up to the light that it does not change for five minutes.
    why is there not a timer when some pull up after a minute it should change there is a lot of traffic coming from Pacific Blvd to use this light.

  3. Yes the light never changes for a long time now we would have been better off coming out Severn Way than we do with this new road and new light at lease the light at Severn Way did change after a couple minutes.
    Now you have torn up that road and Nokes Blvd is the only way out of here now why? again.
    fix the light.