Sunday, June 14, 2009

Options for Route 28

According to the Loudoun Times, "the dire economy has provided Loudoun with an opportunity to take a second look at land-use options for the Route 28 corridor, county staff told supervisors at a meeting last week."

"Option 1 for the corridor explores land use, economic improvements and transportation issues in the corridor as a whole. Staff members said looking at the bigger picture could make this area a major economic driver for the county.

"In option 2, the county would expand development options for smaller areas in the corridor currently zoned for commercial and retail space building. The zoning changes to these areas, supervisors said, could include residential growth.

"Option 3 looks at even smaller changes to the corridor, with specific regulatory and programmatic changes (such as to the county sign ordinance). These changes, staff said, could help generate economic development in eastern Loudoun. Business owners in this area have said the county's sign ordinance, which governs commercial sign height and size, is too restrictive.

"Board members voted 8-1 to send the options to the county Economic Development Committee for more study. In addition, county staff members have fielded bids for a market study, which would be completed before the board takes its August recess."

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