Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Thoughts on the Job VDOT Has Done With Snow Removal

Loudoun County Traffic received this comment from an angry Loudoun County resident on a previous post, which talks about the job the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has done clearing snow the past couple of weeks with the massive snow fall Loudoun County and the region has experienced. The author says, "VDOT are doing a terrible job!"

Our anonymous poster also noted that he called VDOT to complain about the snow plow job and received rurther insult.
"I called the VDOT supervisor ... a gentleman who was extremely rude."
We'd love to hear your thoughts. Comment below about how you think VDOT has done -- good or bad -- or if you prefer, e-mail us comments at, and we'll post them for you. We also plan to let VDOT know about any comments/posts we receive so they'll get your message.

And as a side note, as the editor of this blog, I too was frustrated this week after finally being able to get out and clear my sidewalk, not only about the snow, but more upset that I was having to clear the mound of snow off the sidewalk that was put there by the VDOT snow plow!

Meanwhile... Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has high praise for the job state government employees have done during the recent storm, citing the hard work by numerous departments, including the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management operations center.

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  1. I think that VDOT did an awesome job removing a lot of snow from difficult roads here in western loudoun. Unfortunately, people in the DC area are so impatient that they expect to never be inconvenienced by anything, including 30 - 40 inches of blowing and drifting snow. People need to get over themselves!

  2. While it can be frustrating to have to remove the mountains of often frozen snow that the plows leave in the entrance to your driveway or on the sidewalk along the road, where else is there for the snow to go? The plows are trying to clear the road from curb to curb.

    When we lived in Woodbridge, we shoveled well out into the street from the entrance to our drive. This way, when the plows came through, there wasn't as much snow to (re-)shovel to reopen our drive. We also made it a point to clear the opening to the storm drain near our drive to facilitate draining of snow melt.

  3. Admin---what would you like VDOT to do with the snow??? Do you realize that every single person in Virginia complains about VDOT putting the snow back in their driveway?

    Maybe VDOT should look into 2 other options...Option 1) Do away with snow plows, buy snow blowers and instead of putting a little snow back into your driveway, maybe they could just blow it all over your house. Option 2) Just not push ANY snow in residental areas. That way no-one complains about the snow being pushed back into their driveway. (This would also save millions in dollars in VDOT's budget)

    Do you realize if VDOT attempted not to push snow into driveways, it would take a month to get a 12 inch snow cleared in a residental area. (I think it would typically melt first so see option #2).

    My advice to you. Grow up and quit whining like my 4 year old. Either shovel the snow, or call a private plow and have him push your driveway, or drive over it.

  4. we all better get used to being more inconvenienced and being less dependant on both the State and Federal Governments. Neither one has the money to do anything. This country was not founded on being a nanny state. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself!

  5. I think they did a great job with all of the storms this season. I agree too with other commenters, that Northern Virginians have unrealistic expectations and unrealistic perceptions of our own "importance". It's hard work, and with a lot of snow, yes it's going to block my driveway. I can deal with it, and when I can't, I'll hire a neighbor kid to deal with it.