Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still No Decision On Planned Rt. 606 Metro Station

Leesburg Today reports that despite holding a work session on the matter Tuesday, the "Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has not yet reached a decision about whether to move the location of the Rt. 606 rail station and it appears the decision about whether to even study the issue will not be made until later this month.

"After more than an hour of debate, the board voted to hold off on deciding whether to evaluate a new location for the planned Rt. 606 Metro station, farther west than the current location. The two options under consideration for a new siting are the western- most location, which would include a two fare-gate station design and three pedestrian pavilions, and a more central option, which would include one fare gate and one pedestrian pavilion.

"The current location would include one station entrance on the north side of the Dulles Greenway and one pedestrian bridge. The site is planned for parking of 2,750 cars, as it is meant to be the commuter station for Loudoun residents and those living farther west."

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