Friday, April 16, 2010

Advocates Say Poor Road Conditions Cost D.C. Area

The Washington Business Journal reports that poor road conditions are costing communities, employers and families more than $217 billion annually, and more so in this region than other parts of the country, according to transportation advocates.

The Journal article quoted Ted Miller, a Beltsville-based safety economist, who said that "under-repaired roadways played a role in more than half of the 43,000 highway fatalities reported in 2006."

"Each year, Miller said, deficient roadways cost businesses $22 billion and governments $12 billion, while producing $12 billion in extra medical expenditures. Costs include businesses being forced to pay out $1.7 billion on sick leave costs and $1.2 billion in worker’s compensation claims.

"In the District, the comprehensive cost per mile of road was $198,743, according to Miller’s calculations. Maryland’s comprehensive cost per mile was $133,283, while Virginia’s was $104,983. The U.S. national average was $73,359."

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