Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrate Bike Month... Get Out and Ride!

Hot off the heels of yesterday's "Bike to Work Day," we thought we'd remind Loudoun County Traffic readers that the month of May is Bike Month!

So in case you didn't ride to work yesterday, we encourage you to get out on your favorite two, three wheel or even four wheeled bike and enjoy this great weather.

Here are some suggestions for ways to celebrate:
  • Teach someone how to bike safely.
  • Take time to learn Virginia's bike law.
  • Get friends together to ride to a coffee shop or to a museum.
  • Buy a new, more visible bike light that will help keep you safe.
  • Give your bike a check up. Use the ABC Check Method.
  • Donate a used bike to a community group.
More information is available at BikeWalk Virginia, a statewide nonprofit organization that promotes biking and walking for health, environmental, and economic benefits.

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