Friday, September 10, 2010

Leesburg Today Reports that "Distance Pricing" Analysis Underway for Dulles Greenway

Leesburg Today reported earlier this week on the cost of using the Dulles Greenway. While a common lament among residents and elected representatives for several years, complaining often seemed to be the only effort undertaken to change the situation.

But after hearing from constituent after constituent about the frustrations associated with the Greenway, the paper wrote that "one state delegate is working to see if there is a chance for a real compromise, one that meets the need of the private company that owns the 14-mile highway as well as residents and commuters."

"In April, Del. Tag Greason (R-32) first spoke with Tom Sines, the CEO of Toll Road Investors Partnership II, to see if there might be a middle ground that would bring some relief to drivers in Loudoun.

"After looking at what has been done, or not been done, in the past, Greason said he is not sure that his ideas ultimately will result in a solution, but said he hoped it would at least start the process. Under the concept, distance pricing would be offered during non-rush-hour periods, making local trips more affordable to residents while not using road capacity critically needed by commuters."

Read the complete Leesburg Today article.

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