Friday, November 12, 2010

Governor Approves VDOT Plan to Fix Problems Audit Found

Governor Bob McDonnell earlier this week approved the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) action plan to rectify problems identified by an independent audit of the agency's maintenance, project development and fiscal management practices.

The action plan responds to more than 50 audit findings and proposes cost-saving strategies, organizational efficiencies, and performance and operational metrics that will make VDOT more effective, efficient and accountable.

VDOT's action plan designates a responsible entity for each category of funding and establishes a process to select projects that will utilize the unused funds identified in the audit.  This includes:
  • $200 million in excess construction cash will be administered by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB)
  • $524 million in the "federal reserve" will be allocated to specific projects by the CTB during the spring 2011 update to the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (SYIP)
  • $200 million in unspent maintenance allocations will be provided to VDOT's nine districts to meet critical maintenance needs
  • $130 million in inactive federal project balances already allocated to projects will be re-obligated to other active projects in coordination with localities
  • $400 million in toll credits will be allocated to specific projects by the CTB as a state match to federal projects.  

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