Thursday, March 17, 2011

19 Percent Of Drivers Say They Use The Internet While Driving

Results from an online survey conducted by State Farm® released earlier this month show an alarming number of drivers who use the Web while driving.

In November, 2010, State Farm conducted a small “pulse check” to dig deeper into the growing use of smartphones among drivers. Survey respondents consisted of 912 drivers who met the following criteria: had a valid driver’s license, reported driving at least one hour per week, and owned a smart phone.

Of these drivers, 19 percent admitted to using the Internet while driving. The top five Web-based activities they engage in are:

  • Finding/reading driving directions,
  • Reading email,
  • Looking up/referencing specific information of immediate interest,
  • Looking at/reading social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.),
  • Composing/sending e-mail.

Most respondents who said they use the Internet while driving reported that they engage in these activities when stopped at a stop light or stopped in heavy traffic. They also commonly said they access the Internet when driving alone, during daylight hours, or on long drives on the interstate.

Listen up Loudoun County drivers... this isn't just about answering the phone while driving, or even texting. This is about surfing the Web while you're operating a motor vehicle. Let's not let that happen on our roads, okay? Let's keep our hands on the steering wheel and our minds on the road... and teach your kids to do the same!

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