Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rising Gas Prices Could Mean Additional Public Transportation Trips

A recent American Public Transportation Association study predicts that as gas prices rise, Americans will turn to public transportation in record numbers. Many public transit systems across the country are already seeing double-digit percentage increases as compared to this time last year.

The analysis reveals if regular gas prices reach $4 a gallon across the nation, as many experts have forecasted, an additional 670 million passenger trips could be expected, resulting in more than 10.8 billion trips per year.

If pump prices jump to $5 a gallon, the report predicts an additional 1.5 billion passenger trips can be expected, resulting in more than 11.6 billion trips per year.

And if prices were to soar to $6 a gallon, expectations go as high as an additional 2.7 billion passenger trips, resulting in more than 12.9 billion trips per year.

What about you? Will you increase your rides on, or begin taking public transportation? Let us know; comment below.

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1 comment:

  1. As gas price contiues to rise, my family and I will reduce the number of trips and miles using our cars, but using public transportation is out of the question because of where we live (Brambleton) and not being served by public transportation. On a different note, if VDOT were to do a better job of maintaining timing of traffic lights (poorly timed and/or no synch between lights on busy roads) and better road designs, that will go a long way in helping to put a dent in wasted gas.