Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: Father Bikes Across Country to Raise Awareness of Distracted Driving

Consumer Reports writes that "19-year old Eric Okerblom had decided he wanted to train for the cycling team when he returned for his sophomore year at University of California, Berkeley, but his dreams were cut short in the summer of 2009 when he was killed by a teen driver while biking on the road near his home. Cell phone records show the woman was texting before the accident.

"As a tribute to his son and to spread the message of the dangers of distracted driving, Bob Okerblom put his physician’s practice on hold for a few months and saddled up for a solo trip from California to Florida. Although, he was never a cyclist, he decided to do something in his son’s honor and began to train for the ride last year. You can follow his journey on his blog and check out the Eric Okerblom foundation website he has set up."

Bob and his wife Eileen are in the latest Faces of Distracted Driving video from the Department of Transportation. (See more family stories at

In March, Consumer Reports hosted a teen distracted driving event to help educate parents, teachers and teens about the dangers of distracted driving. See the pamphlet distributed to schools and organizations.

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