Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tolls Receive "Conditional" Approval in Virginia

Toll Road News reported yesterday that FHWA administrator Victor Mendez has granted Virginia conditional approval to develop a detailed proposal for tolling I-95 in the commonwealth to support reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The authority was given under the Interstate Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Pilot Program which provides for a limited number of permits for tolling of interstates so long as the funds raised are used to support modernization within the corridor.

Conditional approval reserves a "slot" for Virginia to develop the project and seek approval with a detailed plan. The approval would cover projects along the whole of VA/I-95 - 179 miles, 286km - from the North Carolina state line to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge at the Potomac River. However under the concept being explored tolls would be applied at locations selected for significant improvement and expenditures, or for traffic management. In major stretches where no significant improvement was needed tolls would not be imposed.

Read the complete article and the governor's press release.

FWHA letter (PDF).

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