Saturday, February 18, 2012

Transportation Related Updates from Blue Ridge Supervisor Janet Clarke

Blue Ridge Supervisor Janet Clarke's latest "Blue Ridge Community Connection" email newsletter includes a couple of transportation related updates:

Franklin Park Commuter Lot – This item is currently referred to the Planning Commission work session for 2nd week of March. This is a project I am against because it presents a safety issue for the children and families who frequent this public park daily, especially during prime commuting times. This was a staff initiated project. Unfortunately, public input was not conducted for the site selection.

Route 690/7 Interchange – I have initiated getting this item back into the budget. The prior board took it out of the CIP in 2008 due to budget constraints. The community has been clear in expressing that this is a top priority need, particularly with the arrival of Woodgrove High School that opened two years ago.

Brambleton Commuter Lot Activation – I initiated the process to activate the sitting commuter lot on Creighton Parkway due to community request. A ridership survey will be going out to Brambleton residents from the Brambleton Community Association.

Brambleton Local Transit – I initiated a request for the County’s Transportation Department to pursue getting Brambleton a local bus stop on the VRT bus routes, per the request of the community. There will be questions on the survey regarding this type of bus ridership as well.

Resolving a Number of Community Roadway Issues  - I have received constituent e-mails and phone calls almost daily related to cut-through traffic, problem intersections, and other roadway issues. My office is working on all of these issues with VDOT and other staff to get them resolved.

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