Friday, March 9, 2012

Transportation Updates: Dulles Direct Supervisor Matt Letourneau

Transportation updates from Dulles Direct Supervisor Matt Letourneau's February citizen newsletter:

Traffic Light at Greenstone/Gum Springs: The intersection of Greenstone Drive and Gum Springs Road in Stone Ridge has been a growing concern. The County’s Office of Transportation Services did a traffic study at the intersection and concluded that traffic counts now warrant a signal. Funding for the traffic signal will be provided by Stone Ridge as part of the developer’s original proffer agreement. I can’t give an exact date as to when the traffic light will be operating, but you may start to see work on it this spring.

Loudoun County Parkway Traffic Lights Timing: There have been complaints about the traffic signals on Loudoun County Parkway. LCP is heavily travelled, especially during rush hour, and the timing of the lights did not seem to make sense. I have been working with VDOT to adjust the light schedule at the intersection of LCP and Mooreview Parkway/Gleedsville Road. At my request, a sensor has been installed in the road at the intersection. This should result in decreased waiting time during rush hour traffic for those traveling on Loudoun County Parkway. I will continue to monitor traffic conditions on this road and as always welcome input.

Traffic Enforcement on Elk Lick Road: It was brought to my attention by residents in the South Village community that cut through traffic on Elk Lick Road has been traveling at high rates of speed, creating a danger for the community. At my request, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office placed a radar trailer on Elk Lick and stepped up patrol enforcement in the area. The Sheriff’s Office reports a significant increase in speeding violations issued on Elk Lick as a result. I appreciate the responsiveness of the Sheriff’s Office to my request and I look forward to continuing to work with Captain Leonard and his team at the Dulles South Sheriff Substation.

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