Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Route 7 Bypass Delays

The Leesburg Police Department is still investigating a car crash on the Route 7 Bypass that is located between the Greenway (Rt. 267) and the South King Street exits. Traffic is expected to be severely affected for the next several hours. 

Public safety officials are asking motorists to avoid the area and use alternate routes.   

As of approximately 3:30 p.m. This afternoon:
• Route 15 northbound (South King Street) could not exit onto the Route 7 bypass eastbound.  
• Eastbound traffic on the Route 7 Bypass is being diverted onto South King Street to avoid the crash investigation area.  
• The Route 7 Bypass only has one lane of traffic open in the area of the crash and is moving slowly.


  1. After sitting in traffic on east bound RT7 for an hour. It sure would have been nice if Leesburg or Loudoun Couty would have put the road sign about the accident back at RT 9, instead of just before the back up. What is wrong with you people. Is it asking so much to think, just a little? Nothing but Morons.

  2. Gee, that is too bad that you were sitting in traffic for an hour today. I do think the person who was killed in this accident may have been a bit more inconvenienced than you were and may have had a really bad day. Really too bad that you were delayed!

    1. Absolutely agree. "boo hoo I had to sit in my suburban for over an hour." I have really grown tired of living in such a place of wealth and status where our fellow citizens care more about the time it took them to get home than the fact that someone was killed in a horrible accident. God Bless Loudoun....

  3. Poor little idiot had to sit in traffic. Aw, we feel so bad for you! Grow up!

  4. Agreed.....GROW UP.....The poor families are suffering im sure....and its impatient peole like the first comment that causes these horrific accidents.....Drive safe and have a blessed day ;)

  5. I too sat in that traffic. I was there when they airlifted an injured motorist. All you had to do was look at the scene and know that someone lost their life. I too am appalled by the people living in this area. I am so disappointed in you.

  6. Whats the point of putting up a sign when there is no where for you to go. It would have been just good sense to put the sign where the traffic could have been detoured elsewhere. Do you listen to traffic reports to miss traffic jams? If so, Im so disappointed in you. Idiot.