Sunday, September 9, 2012

Song calls Dulles Greenway Tolls "Highway Robbery'"

WTOP Radio recently featured a story about singer-songwriter Angela Petry, who has a bone to pick with owners of the Dulles Greenway. The tolls, she says, are too high. The video below, which features ABC7's report, includes some of the song.

WTOP reports:

In her song "Highway Robbery" Petry sings, "Sending our money overseas. Making a mockery of you and me. Because it's highway robbery." 

The mainline toll plaza collects $4.75 for a one-way trip during off-peak hours and $5.55 during rush hours for passenger vehicles. Eastbound off-ramps and westbound on-ramps host auxillary toll plazas that charge various tolls for travelers who are not traveling to or from the eastern end point near Dulles Airport. 

"Our concern is also not just for our commute, but for the residents who live along the Greenway corridor," says Petry, who lives in Morgan County, W. Va.

Listen to the song (from WTOP Radio's story).

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