Thursday, November 15, 2012

Traffic Among Reasons Against Route 7 Stadium

According to Viva Loudoun, not everybody is a fan of the proposed mixed-used 10,000 fan stadium -- which plans a minor league baseball team and a North American Soccer League franchise -- to be located at One Loudoun in Ashburn as a grassroots group has organized in opposition with a website recently launched called "No Stadium on Route 7".

The stadium, spearheaded by the VIP Sports & Entertainment group that is trying to establish a minor league baseball team in Loudoun (Loudoun Hounds), was originally slated for the Kincora Project but in October it was announced that stadium would now be build nearby in the One Loudoun development.

Among the reasons the group cites in opposing the stadium:
  • During presentations given by One Loudoun and the Loudoun Hounds the estimated number of vehicles used was based on 3.4 people per vehicle for the fixed infield seats only (5,500 seats at 3.4 people per vehicle = 1,618 vehicles).  Why isn’t your estimate based on the total capacity of 10,000 people and a more reasonable estimate of 2.5 persons per vehicle (4,000 vehicles)?
  • Why are you not including the traffic loads for normal residential traffic in One Loudoun (1,000 units), the surrounding neighborhoods, typical shopping traffic, restaurant and sports bar traffic, specialty grocery store traffic, and movie theater traffic?
  • If the system of roads in Kincora were designed to accommodate all of the stadium traffic within its boundaries without backing up on Highway 28 how do you expect the system of existing roads designed to support One Loudoun before the stadium was included to carry the additional load?
  • With only two entrances in to One Loudoun stadium traffic will be forced on to two lane roads similar to those in the town centers of Reston and Fairfax.  Traffic at those entrances will also be controlled by traffic lights.  How much traffic will be forced to back up on the surrounding roads including Route 7?
  • Will events at the stadium require Sheriff Deputies to direct traffic similar to the holiday traffic at the two Wegmans grocery stores during holidays, and if so who will pay for that support?
  • How can you justify adding thousands of vehicles to the increasingly worsening traffic problem along Route 7?
  • Are the traffic impact studies based on personally owned vehicle traffic only considering the proposed location will not be located near mass transit (Metro) and because Loudoun County does not have a robust bus system?

Read the complete Viva Loudoun article.

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