Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sleet, Freezing Rain and Ice in the Forecast; Take Precautions

With sleet, freezing rain and ice in the forecast, Loudoun County officials remind everyone to prepare for treacherous conditions on roadways, sidewalks and parking lots.  In addition, there is the possibility of downed trees and power lines and possible flooding of streams and creeks.  
There are precautions you can take to stay safe:  
  • Remember the phrase; "Get where you need to go before the weather gets bad."  
  • If roads are icy, do not travel unless absolutely necessary.  
  • Use extreme caution when driving and walking.  
  • If sidewalks are icy, take short steps and bend slightly. 
  • If you fall, avoid using your arms to protect against breaks.    
As power outages are a possibility, now is a good time to prepare:   
  • Charge cellphones. Cordless phones don't work when power is out. 
  • Make sure you have working flashlights.  
  • Check that your battery-powered radio is operating. 
  • Stock up on nonperishable food and water. Include a non-electric can opener. 
Stay informed. Sign up for alerts from the county including emergency information, news releases, traffic information, and more through Alert Loudoun at www.loudoun.gov/alert;  follow Loudoun County on Twitter at www.loudoun.gov/twitter; and on Facebook at www.loudoun.gov/facebook.   
More information on winter preparedness is online at www.loudoun.gov/winter


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