Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tips for Safe Graduation Parties

As the end of the school year quickly approaches for Loudoun County schools, parents may decide to plan graduation parties for their children. However, parents are urged to make sure to provide a safe environment for graduation fun, and to remind young drivers to not drink and drive and to be careful when driving on Loudoun County roadways.

Here are some tips from the Drug-Free Action Alliance regarding smart and safe party planning:
  • Parents should help the grad make the guest list and limit the number of guests.
  • Make the party by invitation-only. Personal invitations avoid the dangers of an “open party.”
  • Include an RSVP on the invitation so parents of invitees can check on the event.
  • During the party, make sure guests stay in the specified area of the property where the party is being held.
  • Ask other adults to assist with chaperoning.
  • Chaperones should make regular, unannounced visits to the party area throughout the evening. Know the whereabouts and activities of all guests at your party.
  • Provide all food and beverages — and do not allow any guests or chaperones to bring their own drinks.
  • Do not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone younger than 21. Underage drinking is illegal and party hosts may be held legally responsible and liable for their guests’ actions.
As the Drug-Free Action Alliance recommends, don’t be a party to teenage drinking. Find more tips on how to host a safe graduation party on the Drug-Free Alliance website.

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