Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transportation/Land Use Committee Votes on Changes to Countywide Transportation Plan

Yesterday's Leesburg Today reported on the latest developments with the Countywide Transportation Plan.
"County supervisors are beginning to put their mark on the revisions to the Countywide Transportation Plan, as members of the Transportation/Land Use Committee voted Tuesday on a series of changes. Among the amendments being recommended to the full board are the reduction in the number of lanes expected to ultimately be built on some Ashburn roads, reducing the number of lanes on roads planned in southern portion of the Transition Policy Area, and establishing priorities for multi-modal services in areas of the county that are nearing development build out.

"The committee unanimously recommended that Ashburn Village Boulevard, from the Greenway to Rt. 7, Claiborne Parkway, from Loudoun County Parkway to Rt. 7, and Gloucester Parkway, from Belmont Ridge Road to Loudoun County Parkway, be changed from an ultimate condition of six lanes to four lanes. Supervisors also are recommending that Rt. 9 from Rt. 7 to Clarkes Gap Road be shown as four lanes, but there was not support for scaling back plans for Rt. 7 between Leesburg and Rt. 9 from the ultimate configuration of eight lanes to six lanes."

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