Friday, January 27, 2012

VDOT Unveils New Snow Plow Status Website

Did you see this week's big news from VDOT about snow plowing?

Granted, the weather doesn't necessarily feel like snow, but we've heard forecasts that February could be a big month for snow. And just in time, the Virginia Department of Transportation has now come out with a website where Loudoun County residents -- as well as Fairfax and Prince William County -- can see the status of plowing in northern Virginia neighborhoods.

Once it snows at least two inches, residents can find out the status of plowing at The Web page activates when two or more inches have accumulated.

Users can enter an address in northern Virginia to see a color-coded snow map that indicates the plowing status in that area:
  • Green indicates a neighborhood has been plowed.
  • Yellow means plows are in progress in the neighborhood.
  • Blue indicates plows have not yet started the neighborhood.
  • Gray means the area is not maintained by VDOT. Cities, towns and some developments maintain their own roads.

Check out a video of how to use the webpage.

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