Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Term Planning for Route 659/Northstar Boulevard from Route 7 to Prince William County

Here's a transportation updated from the Dulles District newsletter of Supervisor Matt Letourneau.

If you’ve ever sat in traffic on Gum Springs Road headed to or from Prince William County, you know that Loudoun needs a much better north/south link.

The Countywide Transportation Plan is a 30-year planning document that acts as a roadmap (literally) for the future growth of our transportation network. For reasons that are quite frankly beyond my comprehension, the previous Board of Supervisors voted to reduce the approved number of lanes in a future southern connection from Braddock Road to Prince William to two, as Gum Springs Road currently is.

At our Jan. 17 Board meeting, the Board voted 9-0 to restore this crucial link back up to a potential 6-lane road. In addition, the Board also restored the stretch of Belmont Ridge Road from Croson Lane to Route 7 to 6-lanes. This stretch was also taken down by the previous Board of Supervisors.

These changes are critical to our long term planning and will allow us to move traffic better from Dulles South to Route 66, I-95, and the rest of Loudoun County to our north.

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