Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wilbur Smith Assoc Forecasting Record Disputed in Report on Dulles Toll Road

Toll Road News reports that Wilbur Smith Associates' (WSA) record of traffic and revenue forecasting is blasted in a study done by a retired federal government economist Terry Maynard for the Reston Citizens Association (CRA) in northern Virginia. The report supports a call for an independent review of the WSA/CDMSmith traffic and revenue forecast of the Dulles Toll Road.

The analysis titled "Traffic and Revenue Forecasts: Plenty of Room for Error" by Terry Maynard finds that forecasts of revenue by WSA as it then was (just recently merged to form CDMSmith) are on average 2.27 times -- or 127% too high -- as compared with subsequently realized toll revenues. This is based on the first five years of 12 toll projects forecast.

In addition Maynard finds that WSA had a pattern of understating the sensitive profit maximizing toll initially, then subsequently raising those estimates. Maynard says that WSA routinely uses the highest population and employment forecasts for forecasting traffic.

Despite poor forecasts tollroads stuck with WSA.

Future Dulles toll road revenues are being used as the security for selling the debt needed to fund a $5 billion Dulles Metrorail branch line from West Falls Church through Reston County to Dulles Airport and out into Loudoun County. Over half the capital cost is proposed to be covered by toll revenue bonds of the Dulles Toll Road issued by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) that has a 50 year franchise on the tollroad and is building the rail line.

Half of the rail line is a done deal, financed and under construction but the second half remains to be approved and financed. The WSA/CDMSmith investment grade traffic and revenue study to be released any week now will be key to whether the project proceeds.

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