Friday, March 6, 2015

VDOT Asks Motorists to Continue to Stay Off Roads Until Afternoon

Continue to delay trips, at least until the afternoon today, says the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), so that crews can continue to treat icy conditions on all roadways in northern Virginia.

Even recently treated interstates and roads that appear to be bare pavement are refreezing quickly with extremely low pavement temperatures. 

Crews continue to treat road with mixes of salt, sand and liquid magnesium chloride, however these chemicals are much less effective and work more slowly on road surfaces below 20 degrees. With pavement temperatures forecasted to remain well below freezing, ice will continue to be a concern throughout the day.

For those who must be on the roads:

  • Delay trips at least until the afternoon, if possible.
  • Use extreme caution, increase following distance and do not brake quickly. Many vehicles have been observed traveling at dangerous speeds for road conditions.
  • Roads that appear clear are likely to have many locations covered with black ice.
  • Clean all snow from mirrors and your vehicle.
  • Watch carefully for pedestrians walking alongside roadways.

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