Friday, March 6, 2015

VDOT Encourages Drives to Delay Commute this Morning

Leftover snow and ice remain hazards for drivers across the region this morning, advises the Virginia Department of Transportation. Drivers are asked to delay trips until daylight allows better visibility and temperatures start to rise. If drivers must be out, continue to use extreme caution as road conditions will vary widely across the area while crews are still working.

Overnight, crews made significant progress plowing interstates, main roads and neighborhoods. Today, crews continue working on all roads and later today will focus on secondary roads and neighborhood streets that still need attention.
What drivers should know this morning:
  • Interstate and primary road conditions vary along the corridors and all areas may have slush or ice patches. I-95 and I-495 are mostly clear, and I-66 still has significant patches of slush inside the Beltway. Secondary roads should have a path made by at least one plow pass but may still be icy or snow-packed.
  • The eastbound I-66 X lanes will be open for the morning rush hour. Normal HOV rule are in effect on I-66, I-395 and the Dulles Toll Road.
  • Pavement temperatures remain well below freezing all day today, and drivers can continue to expect icy patches. Even roads that appear to be bare pavement may have black ice.
In neighborhoods:
  • Check trucks and status of crews plowing 16,000 northern Virginia neighborhood streets at
  • Neighborhoods will have an eight- to ten-foot path but not bare pavement. Expect snow-packed paths or patches where plows cannot scrape the frozen layer.
  • Hills, curves and intersections will be sanded for traction.
  • Continue to park in driveways or on the odd-numbered side of the street to give plows room to pass.
  • If shoveling driveways, leave the last few feet at the curb as the plow will push some snow back.


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