Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Route 28 "Hotspot: Widening

From the January email newsletter of Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn Williams comes a report on the
Route 28 ‘Hotspot’ Widening. According to Williams:

Even with the removal of traffic signals on Route 28, there are still major traffic problems during rush hour. The high tolls on the Greenway have exasperated this problem. In the countywide transportation plan, Route 28 is slated to be eight lanes north of Route 606 and ten lanes to the south.

The funding is not currently available to make these needed improvements, but the Route 28 Tax District Commission (of which I am a member) will be looking at funding ‘hotspot’ widening at key traffic choke points. Adding extra lanes where traffic backs up most during rush hour should help our limited transportation funds have maximum impact on relieving congestion.

During our annual meeting in March the Commission will be discussing construction funding options. I will press hard to find the funding and get construction started on these badly needed lanes as soon as possible.

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