Saturday, August 11, 2012

Loudoun County Says They're Not Keen On "Trump Boulevard"

The Trump Island National Golf Club is on Lowes Island Boulevard in Loudoun County. But The Donald wasn’t happy with the street name. Instead, he wanted to change it to Trump Boulevard. Residents can breathe a sigh of relief. They won’t have to live on Trump’s newest acquisition, reports WMAL Radio.
Loudoun County Supervisor Suzanne Volpe says the County Board of Supervisors has to approve the change.  And they are not likely to do it.

“We have a policy that you don’t change a road name unless there is a safety issue,” Volpe told WMAL in an interview.  “And needless to say, there is not a safety issue.”

The manager of the golf club approached the Cascades Community Association to request the name change.  Road name changes in Loudoun County must go through the Board of Supervisors.  Action from the state cannot even overturn the decisions.

“They, I think, were not aware that it wasn’t just a matter of we want it, and everybody else with an address on Lowes Island Boulevard says ok, we can just change the name,” Volpe said.

Listen to the WMAL story.

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