Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sheriff's Office Reminds Residents to Buckle-Up, Day and Night

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is joining in with other state and local law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates across the country to encourage everyone on the road to wear their seatbelts every trip, day and night. 
Law enforcement in Loudoun County are on the lookout for those not wearing their seat belts -- and for good reason. Last year in Loudoun County, 33% of the 10 traffic fatalities were unrestrained drivers and passengers. In 2013 in Virginia, 54% of all traffic fatalities, or 310 deaths, were unrestrained drivers and passengers. Most of the unrestrained fatalities in Virginia, 144 or 46%, occurred between the hours of 6 p.m. and 3 a.m.   
"We are committed to reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities along Loudoun's roadways," said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. "Wearing your seatbelt can save your life. Our goal is to get you into the habit of wearing your seatbelt and ensuring that all of your passengers are wearing their seatbelts too," Sheriff Chapman added. 
In 2013, Virginia's statewide seat belt use rate was 79.7%. Law enforcement around the commonwealth and the country are working to raise the rate of seatbelt usage, to help decrease the number of traffic fatalities.   
While this year's Click It or Ticket enforcement mobilization runs from May 19-June 1, motorists should know that officers are out enforcing traffic laws, including seat belt laws, year-round. 


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